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Senin, 08 April 2019

Looking for a Business Program, SIM Education the answer

SIM Global Education business degrees Singapore

A few years after I graduated and worked, I often thought about going back to study and looking for a campus for my postgraduate. But, I still haven't determined what major I want to be and are challenged to go abroad too, like studying in Singapore. Seriously, I am interested in many other majors, like business. But, I really fell in love with the atmosphere of the engineer. Maybe, I just went to Singapore and studied business there? Hihi.

Because, Singapore is consistently chosen as an educational destination for students from all over the world. Programs that offer business degrees Singapore (, Economics, and Administration in Singapore strive to be the best in the academic field. Many programs offer an international perspective and focus on Asia. Students can experience a unique combination of high-quality academics, Asian culture, and an international student population, creating a complete Singapore Business Degrees program.

SIM Global Education ( partners with well-known universities in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States to offer quality academic programs that are rich in industrial contexts. All programs are taught by local and foreign faculty as well as guest faculty members from partner universities. We believe in developing students holistically outside the academic field through various student development programs supported by sports, arts and recreation facilities on campus. There are various programs that offer Business Degrees Singapore and Administration in Singapore with a variety of study options and specialization fields. Students looking for a Master’s degree in Business, Economics and Administration in Singapore can choose from programs such as organizational leadership, risk management, international business, professional accounting, real estate, human resource management, logistics, and hospitality, to name a few.

SIM offers a wide selection of full-time programs in Singapore that range from diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The Singapore International Academy (Cambodia), a SIM member, offers programs from preschool to secondary school in Cambodia. These programs provide you with an unlimited educational path to fulfill your aspirations. A business plan might sound cliche, but it's good for you to get started. You can start from business goals, variations in your product, who your target is, pricing, and position, and financial projections for the next 3 years. Well, if you want to follow the steps above but you think that you still need a good business education to help, you must go to SIM Global Education. SIM Global Education will help you start your own business in the right way. This business degree Singapore has many programs from undergraduate to postgraduate. You can choose whatever you need.

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Hani, a long life learner.

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